Tired of Misdelivered Packages? Here’s the Solution.

I am seeing a lot of complaints on various forums about misdelivered packages.

I am going to speak for us but also for UPS, Amazon, pizza delivery, Doordash, Uber, FedEx, and other delivery drivers everywhere.

My husband and I are doing seasonal delivery for UPS this year. We have also delivered off and on for Amazon Flex in Phoenix for 6 years and here in Texas for the past 8 months.

We are extremely diligent in making sure that the package gets to the right place.

I can’t speak for every driver, but we know how the wind can blow packages around so my husband and I tuck the light things partially under a doormat, child’s toy, rock, planter, etc. We also never stand anything up so that it could fall over and damage the contents inside or fall and destroy the homeowner’s decor.

Next, it’s amazing to me how many times the GPS is wrong (yes, even Google Maps!).

TO HELP with MISDELIVERIES, it’d be greatly appreciated if you…

(1) have your house # clearly displayed (preferably painted on the curb and not scratched or faded away) but, at the very least, post your house # on your actual house in *large numbers* (and you can paint them with clear glow-in-the-dark paint). This will help us see your house # from the street. Otherwise, at night we have to walk up to your house with a flashlight and shine it on your little peel & stick numbers (and take the chance we’ll get shot by someone who thinks we are burglars).

(2) Especially if you are expecting a delivery, please put your light on at night!!

(3) Another thing that helps is if you place something large on your porch so we can tuck your package behind it to protect it from street view and porch pirates, especially this time of year. I’ve seen several people with outdoor benches and very large plants or a chair and they have told me they like it when I place the delivery inside of or behind them. Or just keep a brick or painted rock outside; it doesn’t have to be fancy.

(4) If you live in an apartment complex with several separate buildings, PLEASE include your building # along with your apartment # on the delivery notes!!

CALL TO ACTION: I urge everyone to walk outside right now and see if they can see their own house number. And, can you see your neighbor’s numbers?

This does NOT guarantee you’ll never have another misdelivered package. However, if it doesn’t minimize it significantly then your delivery driver just sucks, lol.


Ms. Mozelle Martin, FHWE, FMHP, Ph.D.

* 25-year Forensic Mental Health Professional

* 30-year Forensic Handwriting Expert

* Award-winning Author: What I Learned from CSI, Housecall Analyst Series & more

* Certified Process Server, State of Texas

* Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV and Crime Watch Daily for cases such as Isabel Celis, Baby Gabriel, 

  Jodi Arias, Michael Jackson, Darlie Routier, Nikki LaDue January, Ricky Dyer, Casey Anthony, and more.

* Forensic Consultant for www.ColdCaseFoundation.org & www.FindMeGroup.org

* Former Forensic Consultant for Criminal Minds TV Show

* Former Special Agent for the U.S. Fugitive Service

* Retired Clinical Director of Infinity Trauma Center

* Trainer: Bureau of Justice Assistance, Mexico Attorney General & Multistate POST Boards


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