Best Advice from My Teenage Mentor

As someone who was severely and daily bullied from Kindergarten to 10th grade when I finally quit school, making something of myself when everyone in my life told me I wouldn’t, was extremely important to me.

Education was important to me too, so I drove back and forth to a school 30 minutes each way for a year after quitting the ‘bully school’, until I graduated. I received my diploma, not a GED. I loved school so much that, in my late-20s, after a detour of marriages and being a single mom, I enrolled in college. I stayed year-round for 14 years, until I earned my doctorate degree, and picked up a few related certifications along the way.

I mention that because I was able to remain focused on my main goal – a career in criminology (but the area of criminology I focused on was more forensics + mental health, and not the statistical part of the field). Yet, early in my career, my work ethic was so intense that I intimidated my supervisors and supposedly made them look underqualified, and my coworkers look careless.

By far, the best piece of advice my mentor, Uncle Charlie, gave me was “The best revenge is to become a success.” The 2nd best piece of advice Uncle Charlie gave me was…

“Never, and I mean – NEVER – have only one source of income because if that one source goes away, you’re broke, hungry, stressed, and homeless.”

I think this post covers both of them.

He was right. Although he died when I was only 22 years old, his wise advice – perhaps I should call it a warning – still holds true today. I didn’t listen to every piece of advice I had received from him or anyone else for that matter, but I did listen to this. Unfortunately, something major had to occur before I fully understood what Uncle Charlie really meant.

What happened to cause me to finally adhere to his advice?

I was fired from 3 jobs that I loved. I was told – yes, actually told – that my “ethics are too strict” and, “you make your coworkers uncomfortable.” In other words, I was targeted by my coworkers who nit-picked every move I made as a way of trying to make themselves feel better. Obviously, they were not doing their part or they would have focused on their own performance, not mine.

As a result, I was then targeted by my supervisors who were already intimidated, and well, the only source of income was instantly and unexpectedly ripped right out from under me all three times. As a single mother, that was tough!

Ever since then, I’ve had multiple streams of income because I will never allow that to happen again!

BUT for me, it’s more than that. I mean, we spend decades learning new things, and some of these things we become masters at. So, why not take that knowledge and skillset and create an income stream?

One other thing Uncle Charlie told me was, “Knowledge is worthless unless it’s shared.”

So… SHARE IT and create some extra income in the process.

With that being said, I have had many multiple streams in my life, starting with mystery shopping back in the early 1990s. Some I still have, some I let go of as my priorities changed.

Here are my longest multiple streams of income. Most I don’t have to do anything with so it’s all passive (the best in my opinion).

BONUS: Having multiple streams of income allows you to get paid for either doing what you love and even doing nothing at all, other than telling people about it.

Of course, I have 2 main sources of income which I actively work in. However, because I’m passionate about them, it never feels like work. These are Forensology and Inherited Traumas.

So let me introduce you to my side hustles:

After Hours Notary & Process Serving (I was a private investigator from 1994 – 2017)

Avon (since the 1990s to keep my amazing health insurance plan!)

Art & Photography


Plantology Skincare

Traveling Wine Guide


Additionally, because I grew up in commercial property management, I have dabbled with field inspections & real estate photography as well. So if you know anyone who wants to get started in field inspections as a side hustle, Sand Castle and Velocity REOs are GREAT companies to start with. These are some of Sand Castle’s current high-area needs but they can change… (click for larger view)

Sometimes I do things for exercise or for a new experience such as delivering for Amazon Flex for the past 6 years and working as a PVD for UPS.

Yet, even with all of that, I only work 20 hours per week and do whatever I want for the rest of the week.

Technically, I’m supposed to be retired but that will never truly happen for me unless my multiple sclerosis gets too bad that I can’t do anything else, or I acquire Alzheimer’s.

Either way – at least for now – I absolutely love my life.

Because of the wisdom that Uncle Charlie shared with me when I was a teenager, nobody will ever have the opportunity to grab ahold of my financial rug and yank it out from under me again!

If we think back to our ancestors – like my hunter-gatherer kin – life was so tough. I’m not sure what advice I could give them. I think you and I can agree that the internet is both a blessing and a curse. Yet, when used productively, it can help you create multiple steams of income too.



Ms. Mozelle Martin, FHWE, FMHP, Ph.D.

* 25-year Forensic Mental Health Professional

* 30-year Forensic Handwriting Expert

* Award-winning Author: What I Learned from CSI, Housecall Analyst Series & more

* Certified Process Server, State of Texas

* Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV and Crime Watch Daily for cases such as Isabel Celis, Baby Gabriel, 

  Jodi Arias, Michael Jackson, Darlie Routier, Nikki LaDue January, Ricky Dyer, Casey Anthony, and more.

* Forensic Consultant for &

* Former Forensic Consultant for Criminal Minds TV Show

* Former Special Agent for the U.S. Fugitive Service

* Retired Clinical Director of Infinity Trauma Center

* Trainer: Bureau of Justice Assistance, Mexico Attorney General & Multistate POST Boards