Please Help Me Locate This Family!!

PLEASE HELP ME FIND THESE PEOPLE by sharing this post far & wide.
Ever wonder how great today’s luxuries would have been for our ancestors and previous generations? I mean, just think of the history we would have had if the Vikings or those affected by the Irish Potato Famine would have had an audio or even video camcorder!
Well, I was going through some storage after my mom died and found some cassettes. So, admittedly I procrastinated and now – 14 YEARS LATER – I finally sent it into Southern Scan and had it converted to digital to see what it was.
NAMES MENTIONED ARE:  RACHEL, MAX, UNCLE ROG, ZOE and likely others I may have missed.
I have NEVER SEEN THIS HOUSE OR THESE PEOPLE in my life nor do I know anyone with those names. I also have never heard my parents or other family members mention these people.
IF YOU KNOW THEM… please send them this link as it may be something they’d like to have.


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