If I Were a Serial Killer…

Our ancestors celebrated Halloween too. From Pagan Festivals to the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Over time, Halloween became a fun event that evolved into carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats.

Personally, I love ghosts and spirits but perhaps I inherited the love of dark and other edgy art. I like the creepy clowns and fallen angels. I also spent 35 years working in forensics so, combined with my love of dark art, I often think about people’s motives. I have written several books and one that I think of around Halloween is “Handwriting of Serial Killers” (great for the SK lover on your gift list).

So while painfully awaiting my surgery date for a broken tooth that rubbed into the nerve and caused skull-splitting pain from my chin to my temple on the right side of my face, I got creative.

First, since Halloween in my favorite holiday, I thought about the haunted houses, the yard decorations that used to blow me away when I lived in Phoenix, and yep… serial killers.

Then I remind myself of something I thought of many years ago. If I was a serial killer, I’d do all of my killing on my favorite holiday – Halloween. Maybe in a haunted house, I could pose as an ’employee’ since part of the draw of haunted houses is getting scared by some creepy ghoul. Nobody would think anything was unusual about the screaming in that location and nobody would realize there was a victim until the end of the night when the lights went on and it was time to go home. By that time, I’d be long gone. I wouldn’t even have to rush away from the scene. I could casually walk away knowing that people in gorie costumes is expected on this annual ‘trick or treat’ day. I guess being a serial killer would be my ‘trick’, lol. 

Ironic as it may be, I find horror movies b-o-r-i-n-g… and predictable. So I don’t watch those. I do like psychological thrillers though and SAW series was one of my favorites. 

Finally, with that dark & twisted mindset, I started painting a clown. So today, to distract myself from the numbness in my face and mouth, I finished the creepy clown.

I used my dog’s wrinkled forehead for inspiration.

QUESTION: what do you think I used for the EYES?

You can find more with this design at www.VisualDiversity.art

Oh, before I forget… I just want to put this out here for copyright proof 🙂

If you ever see a serial killer horror or psychological thriller movie that takes place on Halloween and the perpetrator is dressed in costume and his killing ground is a haunted house – YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST 🙂

In case you need another gift idea 🙂