Ancestry, AMA, & Test Dummies

I consider our ancestors who lived before the American Medical Association (AMA) began as LUCKY. They may have had a shorter lifespan, but the likelihood of dying due to being poisoned by “medication cocktails” is slim to none. I am not anti-medicine for those who need it, but I think far too often, people depend on medication instead of making lifestyle changes.

If you look at Wikipedia, you will see the following ->

The American Medical Association (AMA) is a professional association and lobbying group of physicians and medical students. Founded in 1847, it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and its membership is over 240,000. The AMA’s stated mission is “to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.”

However, you will also see (and I agree) that the AMA is like a cartel. Not only do they control the lobbying that affects doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the patients (who feel the aftermath of monetary decisions instead of ethical ones). The unimaginable amount of money flooding through and around the AMA can influence the people and agencies in power. They are also deliberately keeping prescription meds and other medical treatments high. 

During the Civil Rights Movement, the AMA allowed its constituent groups to be racially segregated in widespread prejudiced areas. Pressure from more caring organizations forced the AMA to change those ridiculous policies in the late 1960s.

Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman and his wife, Rose Friedman, wrote a book called Free to Choose. In their book they discuss how the AMA has inflated healthcare costs and in a 1987 anti-trust court case, a federal district judge called the AMA’s behavior “systematic, long-term wrongdoing.”

BIG PHARMA… luckily, many of our ancestors weren’t victims of them… but many of us are!

Not only does Big Pharma control physicians, but they also have a powerful hold on Congress. Since 1998, PhRMA, the largest lobbying group for medications, has spent over $428 million bullying their way into our lives. Their desire to influence government is their priority – not our health

Between 1998 and 2021, they invested an additional $4.7 billion of our tax dollars to circumvent antitrust laws, influence physicians, politicians, and government agencies, keep drug prices high, and cause an over-prescription of medications. In my opinion, they don’t care about the cost of human life. Did you know that Big Pharma not only limits the number of people accepted into med school, but they are also planning to raise prices of at least 500 prescription drugs this year? 

Personally, I think we all need to stop being a TEST DUMMY for BigPharma and the AMA!

Many years ago, a retired federal agent friend said, “anyone can get anything approved by the FDA if they have enough money,” so I’ve never had faith in the FDA. This is why I believe that 90% of the science in COVID is political science. Never has a Presidential Administration (that I know of anyway), been so dangerously forceful about the flu shot or any other virus. Yet, they are with COVID and allow millions of people from around the world through our borders without medical vetting? If POTUS, AMA, or BigPharma were even somewhat concerned about our health, my guess is the fear-mongering, political manipulation, and attempts at forcing vaccines wouldn’t be happening.

Smells fishy to me!


I am not anti-vax at all. I was vaccinated as a kid, and so were my kids. And although I am a doctor, I’m not a medical doctor so I don’t know anything about chemistry or how meds cause toxicity when mixed with our own natural body chemistry. But I do know how to research things – especially those my gut warns me about.

I trust my natural instincts just like I trust my natural immune system. My natural instincts have kept me safe and helped me outsmart a hired gun and 10-year stalker.

The COVID vaccine was no different.

To do my due diligence, and at the urging of my son who pleaded with me to take the jab, I talked with my pharmacist. He recommended I do my own research before deciding. I did. I probed into each of the ingredients that were listed in the vaccine and found that NONE of the vaccine’s ingredients were INDIVIDUALLY safe for human consumption. To me, if one individual ingredient is toxic for me, then certainly a ‘chemical cocktail’ under the guise of a ‘healthy vaccine’ with dozens of toxic ingredients combined definitely is.

Then, as a DNA nerd, I had many concerns about how this vaccination could change our DNA. If we can inherit traumas from our ancient DNA then certainly we can inherit the effects of multiple toxic chemicals!

So, take the jab? Um… NOPE!

I have tested positive for COVID three – yes, 3 – times supposedly and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.

Jump forward to today when I was presented with this disturbing video verifying that my natural instincts were right. I DID THE RESEARCH SO YOU DON’T HAVE TOdownload my research here.

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Click on the above video to hear the disturbing research!

I tried to upload it to YouTube but they blocked it saying it was “irrelevant” and goes “against community standards”. WHAT? It’s not irrelevant to me and I am sick and tired of educational videos being blocked by the Big Media Cartel too. So the above link is to a private link so you can view it.

As an aside, one could also say that American Psychological Association (APA) is just as corrupt because of their connection with AMA and Big Pharma. I agree, but that’s another blog post.

DISCLAIMER: I am not advising you to or not to take the vaccine. I am advising you to do your own research. STOP LISTENING to those who get off on sociopathic and narcissistic fear and control tactics. STOP LISTENING to anyone who gets richer when we get sicker!

PLEASE… for the sake of your future generations (genetics)… STOP BEING A TEST DUMMY!!


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