Are Pendulums the Devil’s Work?

I’ll apologize for the length now. However, this is something that I am asked about too frequently to ignore. Therefore, as we research our Ancient DNA, we will find that our DNA has been involved in many things, from hunting and gathering to what some would consider witch craft, including pendulum work.

Here is a brief history of pendulum dowsing, starting in the Tassili Caves:

  • Cave paintings from the year 6000 B.C. that were discovered in the Tassili Caves in Southern Algeria reveal the first evidence of dowsing.
  • In 2200 B.C. the Chinese Emperor Yu found geopathic stress zones through dowsing and left written decrees forbidding any building of homes on these areas as he sailed to Western America and the coasts of Mexico. Dowsing and pendulum work is still often incorporated in present-day Feng Shui. 
  • Also in 2200 B.C., dowsing was also talked about in the Bible and was used by Greeks, Romans, and Celtic Druids (in addition to the ancient Chinese).
  • In 1300 B.C., the Old Testament mentions how Moses and Aaron used dowsing to find water in the desert.  Also, Egyptians Hieroglyphs were found describing the same thing (referred to as “Ur-Heka” or “great magical powers”). Both the Queen of Sheeba and King Soloman used dowsing, The Queen for prophecy and the King for choosing the women to invite into his harem.
  • In 47 B.C., Cleopatra constantly carried pendulum dowsers with her and used them to find gold.
  • In 1271 A.D., Marco Polo used dowsing pendulums often after learning from the Chinese until the year 1295 A.D.
  • From 1478 – 1834 A.D., the most widely known times of history incorporated extensive pendulum dowsing during the Spanish Inquisition, which attempted to ban all religions that followed the Goddess and tried to prevent the psychic and healing skills of women. During this time, dowsing was considered a form of witchcraft. Because of that, approximately 9 million people were burned at the state or hung during these years, most tortuned before their deaths, and nearly 100% of these women girls and women who were psychics, healers, midwives, dowswers, goddess worshippers, herbalists, and the like. 
  • In 1518 A.D., Martin Luther (the German Monk, Theologian Priest, and Founder of the Protestant religion), claimed that using dowsing pendulums was a violation of the 1st Commandment. 
  • From 1558 – 1603 A.D., Queen Elizabeth I introduced dowsing to England in the 16th Centure to compete with Germany’s success. She used dowsing to locate minerals and by 1600 A.D., it was vastly used for mining throughout Europe.
  • From 1563 – 1763 A.D., England started persecuting witches just like the Spanish Inquisition. It went on for about 200 years and it is commonly referred to as “The Burning Times”. However, England’s “anti-witchcraft laws” were still in effect until 1951 before being completely banished. 
  • In 1627 A.D., Baron Jean de Chatelet and his wife Baroness Martine de Bertereau were arrested and sentenced to life in prison for using dowsing pendulums. She had helped location over 150 very profitable coal mines before being arrested. However they were later released. He was a mining engineer and advisor for the French Government and he discovered the still famous Chateau Thierry Mineral Springs (1629). She wrote a book on dowsing in 1640 and was rearrested for practicing witchcraft. Both were placed in separate prisons and died there.
  • Up until 1701 A.D., France used dowsing for locating criminals and in 1701 it was made prohibited.
  • In the 1800s: pendulum dowsing died due to insufficient evidence of accuracy during this “age of reason”, even though many historical people were interested in it and practicing it. In fact, Albert Einstein was a dowser and predicted that science would eventually be able to explain the science of dowsing. In addition, fellow dowsers included Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo Da Vinci. 
  • During the 1920s throughout Europe and England, pendulum dowsing was revived due to medical radiestesia, radionic machines, and other healings were created and developed. Pendulums became a widely used and accepted diagnostics tool. In France and England, over 3,200 medical professionals used pendulums to diagnose patients. This continued until 1946.
  • Armies during World War 2 (including General George Patton), employed dowsers, as did the those such as Robert McNamara in the Vietnam War. They were mostly used to locate land minds, ammunition dumps, and underground tunnels. However Soviet geologists also used dowsing in the 1960s for continued mining success. 
  • Today, people still use dowsing pendulums with much success. For example, water companies locate new water sources, oil companies and mining industries continue to use this science (yes, science) as mentioned above, and the British Army, Academy of Science, U.S. Maries, Paris Science Institute, United Nations Education, NASA, and more advocate for the use of pendulum dowsing. 
  • The Spiritual Science Research Center recently conducted an experiment under Dr. Nandini Samant, MBBS, DPM and found that, when a “spiritually average person” (someone with at most a 30% belief), held the pendulum, the pendulum retained its heaviness and was less sensitive in picking up vibrations or information. However, when a person of “advanced spiritual level” (someone with at least 60% belief) held a pendulum, the pendulum’s sensitivity increased in multitude. The more spiritual the individual, the more positive the attitue, and more accurate the findings. 
  • Not only are clocks and musician’s metronomes a pendulum, so are the trapeze artists in the circus, and several rides at an amusement park (such as the gondola arc). In fact, even tire swings hung from trees operate as a pendulum. 

However, there are many more uses and these are just a few: 

  1. If you’ve ever attended a Catholic Funeral, they often have a metal container (thurible or censer) which is hung from chains and has the smoke of incense is coming out from inside of it. The priest swings it back and forth. This is a pendulum. 
  2. If you read my autobiography, you will see that 20 years ago, I found my son’s stolen bicycle after living in Minneapolis / St. Paul for just two days, solely by using a pendulum that I made. 
  3. Other people make major life decisions in this way as well. Dowsing pendulums act like an “antenna” or “radar” source to pick up information gained from the energy of people, places, and things, including communicating with spirits and deceased loved ones.
  4. Many architectural designs such as industrial buildings and bridges use pendulums. For example, San Francisco International Airport (SFIA) terminals use mechanical devices called “Friction Pendulums” to protect the building from earthquake damage. It allows the building to sway with the shifting ground, thereby reducing structural damage. 

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One could argue that being a politician is the devil’s work 🙂 but nevertheless, moving on…

** DOWSING IS NOT CONSIDERED THE DEVIL’S WORK (of course, intent and the other things you may be involved in could change that) **

Many people have been made fearful in organized religions – that tapping into our spiritual gifts are anti-Christian and the work of the Devil. I was taught how to dowse by a Pastor and have been doing so since I was a child. I am convinced that responsible dowsing practices fit comfortably within ALL religions. Therefore, what follows are some quotes from the Bible and other religious sources to support this view: 

Individuals who fear that pendulums are controlled by evil entities are like those who fear fire because it can cause destruction. Just as controlled fire is a beneficial tool in the proper hands, so dowsing can be a benefit to humanity when done correctly. It is of utmost importance that dowsers be properly trained in which responsible practices can be developed and taught. 

** Religious Leaders Support Dowsing!! **

Starting in the 17th Century, many Priests wrote about the use of dowsing for healing and helping purposes. These include: Jesuit Father Kircher, Jacques Le Royer and Abbé de Vallemont. Abbé Alexis Mermet, a country priest, wrote the Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia in 1935. In Quebec in the 1960’s, a Catholic Bishop, Edouard Jetté, was a well-known dowser and wrote a book titled Au Seuil du Subconscient. 

The Vatican endorsed dowsing in a letter written in May 1935 by Mgr Eugene Tisserand, Prefect of the Vatican Library, to Monsieur Delattre, Secretary General of the Society ‘Amis de la Radiesthesie’. [In 1929, priest Alexis Bouly gave the name of “Radiesthesia” to describe dowsing phenomena, from the Latin “radius” (rays) and the Greek “aisthêsis” (feeling).] He wrote: “I was required to attend an audience of the Sovereign Pontiff for the purpose of explaining to Him personally the nature of the researches to which the members of your Association are dedicated, and to tell His Holiness of your wish to have for the officers of your Association, and for its activities, the Apostolic Blessing. The Holy Father was touched by the sentiments expressed in your letter, and has charged me to communicate to you His Paternal Blessing.” 

The Vatican also used dowsing when the engineer Czepl, a leading Austrian dowser, was invited to assist, as a dowser, in planning a restoration of the Cathedral of St. Peter. 

Many other religious leaders have used dowsing to benefit humanity. “I have met doctors, pastors, missionaries, and even evangelists who use the rod or pendulum and believe they have received this gift from God.” Dr. Kurt Koch. 

** What the Bible Says About Dowsing **

The word “dowsing’ does not appear in the Bible, which is not surprising since it is a modern word. Sometimes dowsing is referred to as divining (divination) because of the belief that the answers obtained are of DIVINE ORIGIN. What the Bible talks about extensively, is the use of the “rod of God” to find water, feed people and measure things as that spoke to the survival of our ancestors. Since those times however, the uses are near-endless.

In Exodus 3, When Moses communicates directly with God for the 1st time through the burning bush, Moses is afraid his people won’t believe that God has asked him to lead them out of Egypt. God says to him in Exodus 4:17 “And thou shalt take this rod in thy hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs.” Reassured that God would show himself through the tool he had been given”…Moses took the rod of God in his hand.” (Exodus 4:20) 

Dowsing is described in Exodus 15: 24-25. “And the people murmured against Moses, saying, What shall we drink? And he cried unto the Lord; and the Lord shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet.” Exodus 17:5-6 goes on to describe how Moses found water when his followers were thirsty: “And the Lord said unto Moses, Go on before the people, and take with thee the elders of Israel; and thy rod, wherewith thou smotest the river, take in thine hand and go. Behold, I will stand before thee there upon the rock in Horeb; and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink. And Moses did so in the sight of the elders of Israel.” 

In Numbers 17 God sets up an event to show through the blossoming of Aaron’s rod, that he has been chosen as the principle priest. “And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, “Speak unto the children of Israel and take of every one of them a rod, according to the house of their father’s … And it shall come to pass that the man’s rod, whom I shall choose, shall blossom …” This passage underscores the use of the rod by the priesthood as a means of DIVINE COMMUNICATION. 

** Following are other passages from the Bible that refer to the rod as an instrument of God **

Psalm 23:4 “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” 

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and you will find; knock and it shall be opened unto you:” 

Ezekiel 20:37 “And I will cause you to pass under the rod and I will bring you under the bond of the covenant” 

Jeremiah 1:11-12 “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said I see a rod of an almond tree. Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten over my word to perform it.” 

Micah 7:14 “Feed thy people with thy rod.” 

Hebrews 9:4 “… the arc of the covenant … wherein was … Aaron’s rod that budded and the tables of the covenant.” 

Revelations 11:1 “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.” 

Bottom line is that dowsing (like all spiritual gifts) should only be used responsibly in communication with the best and highest good (intentions) in mind. No spiritual tools or gifts should be used for evil purposes. Again, this reflects back to intent and there is no amount of blog posts I can write that can account for an individual’s intent – that’s all on you.

Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect and esotericist. In 1911, he said: “As people become clairvoyant, they must also become able to distinguish between the particular types of supersensible being and occurrences they perceive.” 

What do YOU think? Is this something our ancestor’s participated in and now we paying their karmic debt by living in emotional discomfort, mental anguish, or physical pain?