What are Inherited Traumas?

Inherited traumas and genetic patterning cause measurable changes in our DNA and literally cause structural brain damage. Much of this is thanks to epigenetics, but that’s another blog post.

Think I’m nuts? That’s okay… maybe I inherited that too 🙂 

Seriously though, what is trauma?

As a 30-year trauma therapist, whenever someone asks me to describe ‘trauma,’ I say the following: 

“It is an experience that occurs in the lives of individuals that creates physical, emotional or mental harm or distress in a way that affects their daily living and changes their lives forever.”  

Something recent that has caused many individuals physical, emotional, and mental distress is COVID. We are living in strange times. Much of the world is or has been quarantined due to COVID, and we have the stress of mixed media messages, fake news, people who die of other things, yet their death certificates say COVID and forced vaccines. If all of the cumulative information doesn’t cause distress, I don’t know what does.

However, this isn’t a public health blog, so I will ask you the following question.

Did you know that your future generations can be affected by COVID long after you are dead and buried? Moreover, if you are panic-stricken about COVID, your future generations are pretty much guaranteed to be deeply affected by inheriting your fear.


Scientists have finally started admitting something I’ve known for many years…. that traumas and emotions (such as starvation, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and more) can be inherited from our previous generations. Yes, you read that correctly.

When asked about traumatic events they have experienced, many of my clients initially say things such as the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, fire, natural disaster, bullying, terminal illness, and war.

Ironically, many do not initially consider these traumas until much later in life, if at all –> job loss, a child breaking an arm, inner-city atmospheres, car accidents, being raised by alcoholic parents, or growing up in a violent home.

For me, I experienced my first trauma at birth – my adoption.

Yet, many do not consider adoption trauma, and I can assure you that it most definitely is, especially if you acquired not-so-great adoptive parents.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Do you have emotions that control your life in a near-crippling way? Can you identify the instigator that caused it? If not, did you ever consider that you could have inherited these uncomfortable emotions? If so, do you know who may have gifted you with them?