3-Time COVID Survivor with 1 Symptom & No Jab

Our ancestors lived ‘long lives’ (at the time which is now more like middle age in today’s terms) and survived many things from wild bear to Viking raids. Yet, here our society is – living in fear paralysis because of one virus that largely mimics the flu. Our ancestors had both herd immunity and natural immunity on their side.

Yet, how much is COVID really a virus anyway? I mean, almost exactly a year ago today, I was working as a manager at a COVID testing clinic. Our staff members were tested every 3 days. I tested positive, yet never had any symptoms. Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true, but more on that in a few.

Then, a week ago today, 6 coworkers were very ill with COVID so we were all sent home to work for the week. Even though I have felt great, I decided I could be putting some of my elderly coworkers at risk along with some of my clients so I decided that my husband and I better get tested before returning to the office on Tuesday. 

After not being able to make a single appointment anywhere in our city of nearly 300,000 people, we had to wait for a few days before we finally got in. My husband tested positive for both COVID & parainfluenza type 4. I only tested positive for COVID. Yet both of us felt great – full of energy, no problems breathing, no tiredness. 99.9% normal. 

Neither of us are in super-great health. He has ridiculously high blood pressure and refuses meds. I have multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues, as well as Asperger’s. So for sure, we should be in the “high risk” category, right? We are both 57 years young and, like many our age, weigh a bit too much. My hubby does a lot of physical labor so that helps him and I’m busy with a lot of side hustles and that helps me. 

He’s careful about what he eats and drinks. As for me, I’m a “foodie” and, although I monitor quantity, I allow myself to eat and drink what I want and when. Thankfully I don’t have a sweet tooth or I would likely be 600 pounds by now. If anything, my biggest issue is forgetting to eat but that’s another topic altogether. Neither of us smoke or do drugs and never have.

My husband and I have no clue what our blood types are. I mention that because experts have stated that COVID seems to attack specific blood types more than others.

The only thing I have noticed with both positive situations – last year and yesterday – was that I had a very dull barely noticeable headache for about an hour per day for 3 days. Same with my husband. Life went on as usual because we were full of energy and so distracted with our to-do list that we forgot about it. 

We didn’t get the chills, we didn’t cough, we had no aches or pains, we didn’t feel nauseous, we didn’t lose our taste or smell… literally, 99.9% nothing. In fact, if we weren’t just being proactive because of the elderly folks we work with, we wouldn’t have gone to get tested at all. We didn’t feel a need to since we have continued to feel great and initially thought our little headache was allergies (and it may have been).

However, the one thing we have done religiously every day since COVID first was heard of in 2020, was listen to our landlord Chuck, who is also a military pharmacist. His parents are both doctors in New York. 

He told us in early 2020, “Take zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Famadidine.” Every day since then, that’s what we’ve done. We have never worn masks unless forced to in order to enter a business but that was very rare in our rural area of Arizona and now farm-country Texas. I have clients from all walks of life around me daily and we go out to eat almost every night and karaoke every week in a crowded bar. We have given less than 2% of conscious thought to COVID, and only when we were forced to do so… when the media was shoved in our faces or a loved one tested positive.

Literally the only thing we have done for the past 18 months is take the above-mentioned supplements. Since we have never had any symptoms of the 3 times we’ve each tested positive for COVID other than that tiny, barely-noticable headache, those supplements have to be the reason why.

We were admittedly defiant and reckless otherwise. We decided we weren’t going to be held captive my fake news and contradicting political manipulation.

Now I do realize that, just because we are 99% asymptomatic does not mean we aren’t still carriers or spreaders. Regardless, I wanted to share with you the exact supplements we have taken because it is never too late to be proactive and preventative. And no, we have not taken Ivermectin or hydrochloroquine but we have friends that have and have managed to stay healthy and COVID-free.

Because Chuck said, “Not all brands are created equal”, I put links to these specific items below, starting from left to right. Yes, some are Amazon affiliate links, but not all of them.

(1) Equate Famotidine (the safest acid reducer available, I take one in the AM and one in the PM before bed whether or not I have heartburn or acid indigestion).

(2) Jarrow’s Zinc Balance (did you know that Z-Packs at the doctor’s office are almost all Zinc?)

(3) Nature’s Bounty B-12

(4) Solgar Ester-C Vitamin C

(5) NatureMade D3 (most people who test positive are low on D3)

I do take one more supplement and have for several years. This has nothing to do with COVID, but Multiple Sclerosis. My doctor recommended this specific brand and my symptoms are 98% gone. It’s also great for boosting your memory and if you need extra alertness during the day.

(6) Mason’s Ginkgo Biloba

Of course, I’m not a medical doctor so I can’t promise that if you take these that you will not catch COVID at all, or if you do catch COVID, it’ll be unnoticeable like ours. However, I do recommend you talk to your doctor about taking any supplements because some don’t mix well with prescription medications.

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What about YOU? Have you been positive for COVID? What were your symptoms?