Best Advice from My Teenage Mentor

As someone who was severely and daily bullied from Kindergarten to 10th grade when I finally quit school, making something of myself when everyone in my life told me I wouldn't, was extremely important to me. Education was important to me too, so I drove back and forth to a school 30 minutes each way … Continue reading Best Advice from My Teenage Mentor

Please Help Me Locate This Family!!

PLEASE HELP ME FIND THESE PEOPLE by sharing this post far & wide.   Ever wonder how great today's luxuries would have been for our ancestors and previous generations? I mean, just think of the history we would have had if the Vikings or those affected by the Irish Potato Famine would have had an … Continue reading Please Help Me Locate This Family!!

The Ghost of Billy (Pet Grief)

We Carried His Body (this is taken in part from my autobiography THE INITIATION. Our ancestors were involved with animals in many ways - some of this was hunting, and other was sacrificing. I'm not going to get into my rant about animal cruelty because I don't feel like upsetting myself right now. However, I … Continue reading The Ghost of Billy (Pet Grief)

Are Pendulums the Devil’s Work?

I'll apologize for the length now. However, this is something that I am asked about too frequently to ignore. Therefore, as we research our Ancient DNA, we will find that our DNA has been involved in many things, from hunting and gathering to what some would consider witch craft, including pendulum work. Here is a … Continue reading Are Pendulums the Devil’s Work?

3-Time COVID Survivor with 1 Symptom & No Jab

Our ancestors lived 'long lives' (at the time which is now more like middle age in today's terms) and survived many things from wild bear to Viking raids. Yet, here our society is - living in fear paralysis because of one virus that largely mimics the flu. Our ancestors had both herd immunity and natural … Continue reading 3-Time COVID Survivor with 1 Symptom & No Jab